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 Some of our happy couples like sharing their experience at our resort. If you would like to share stories about your time with us, please send your story to  islaverderesort@gmail.com
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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Bosom friends, Gemma and Santo

Gemma is a Grade four teacher from Quezon City and Santos is from Banaue Rice Terraces, where he works crafting wood. They were fascinated with the beauty of isla, and here is what they said about their stay with us:  
We have been to many places in the Philippines.   We were,  in fact,  on the  way to Romblon when we learned at the pier that the ship / ferry trip had been cancelled (due to typhoon). 

It was serendipity that brought us to Isla Verde Tropical friendly Resort.   And we thank the universe for that! 

Since the Philippines has so many great spots for nature lovers to go to,  we do not tend to go back to a place we've  already visited.   But we feel that Isla Verde is a place we can go back to time and again. 

It's  not just the homey,  artful and lovely resort,  friendly and helpful staff who made us feel at home (to the point of inviting us to a birthday party in the community!),  or even the wonderful  underwater world that was revealed to us just a few meters away from shore...  The whole island is full of possibilities! 

Thank you to Dieter and Hikaru (who first welcomed us),  Marvin and Heartwell (who helped tour us around),  Cora and Jaja( who take care of, and beautify the resort), and of course,  Tita Jo. 

Your shared stories are part of the reason will come back. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Looking for a place to celebrate "Heart Day" ?

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Meals can be ordered from Tess' Cafe.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Bret and France love story at Isla Verde Tropical Friendly Resort.

Bret messaged me through sms booking for 2 nights stay for Dec.  7.  He is booking for Nov.  30 and I replied  to him "Dec.  5 na po."  He messaged me back laughing and apologizing.   And last Thursday i met them in the boat and he kept laughing  recalling of how he booked for his visit to us.   He is a funny  guy,  and now they are sharing their experience to us about their stay here in our resort.
France and I had met each other at work. We were both in the call center industry for a couple of years now and so we both know the ups and downs of the industry. A large part of working in the industry is the amount of stress related to it. Although we've been dating for a couple of months now, we haven't gotten to that point where you're really a tight knit as a couple, nor was it anything official... Yet. We've been looking for a place to kick back and relax to help the stressful work environment die down. We found Isla Verde Tropical Friendly Resort on a travrl blog by another prior guest of Tita Jo. And so we thought, this sounded like a nice place.
We're a bit of a meek couple, so to speak, so we were a bit nervous about the place. To our surprise, our stay at the resort was as warm and laid back as if we were in our own home. Tita Jo, JaJa, Niña, and Tita Cora were all as warm and welcoming to us as if we were their own. It wasn't just the resort and the people.
Needless to say, the island in itself was outstanding. We had leisurely walks by the beach and had fun taking a dip in the sea while talking with the other guests. It's that moment that you share with your special someone that takes the cake. Niña, one of the caretakers, was so accommodating to us that even though our stay was just a couple of hours in, she'd been talking to us like we were her barkada over at the beach. That's when we started to feel the vibe.

We were met with a scrumptuous lunch and dinner by Tita Jo that tickled our taste buds as though it were made especially for us. Never did we experience a dull meal from Tita Jo. During our second day, we had to cook our own meals since we brought food and it's a waste not to cook it. While cooking, we had fun conversations with Tita Jo and Tita Cora that we even almost forgot about the food we cooked for breakfast!
After breakfast, Niña toured us to the snorkeling sites in the area. Let me tell you, it was P-E-R-F-E-C-T. It's truly an astounding experience that you should never let past if you're trying to hit it off with your special someone. I wish I could've taken pictures of that, to help you understand just how perfect it was. But, alas, it will just live on in our memories.
We also had a snack in front of the resort overlooking the beach, which was, to our opinion, as elegant as kicking back in a hotel with a nice view.

It was too bad that we could not stay any longer than we did (Of course, we need to get back to work. Ugh.). But we'll never pass up an opportunity to go back to the Island, should the opportunity present itself. This experience brought France and I closer than we've ever been and I hope it would do the same to you.
Thank you, Tita Jo, Niña, JaJa, Tita Cora.

We will cherish this experience!

Love lots,

Bret and France

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Love story of Claudine and Paolo

Claudine and Paolo are our returned guests from Mindoro, and this time they will share their moments with you.  

Its been more than a year since we've been here.   The place maybe changed a lot but the spirit remains the same.   Before, we came here to just relax, but during our stay we experuenced so much more.   We, as a couple,  go to a lot of trips both local and overseas and with all those journeys our love gets stronger and meaningful.  We can proudly say that it all started here in this very place.

Now we are at a point, wherein,  we will have part ways temporarily but for a rather long period of time. And we wanted to come back here and go back to all our fond memories.

So here we are with more love and plans for our future together.  We come back for one last  adventure!   And it feels like a home away from our own.   Staying here again,  didn't just relax our mind and body,  but rather it brought up a lot of emotions which we will carry until we see each other once more. 

This is definitely  the perfect place for our start and also the perfect place to spend our last adventure together.

There is always a place where your heart is,  and here,  is ours...

Thank you Isla Verde,  Tita Jo and Family

Love always,

Claudine & Paolo 

For now, Claudine is in Ireland working, while Paolo works as a doctor in Mindoro.   They are saving for their wedding and plan to have  their wedding reception in our resort.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

My Mexican Couple - Cesar and Rosa

Cesar and Rosa are from Mexico, USA, but now they are here working, and find our country nice to stay and work.

They have visited some places in our country and wanted to see  more beautiful tourist spots.  They decided to come here to stay at our resort.  They stayed here for 3 days and 2 nights exploring the island.  While here they went snorkelling, trekking up Mt Dagit Dagit, and they also took a village tour.

Here is what they have written to our visitor's log book:

First of all we would like to thank all the attention that everyone brought to us since the beginning of our trip.
The whole staff makes you feel like if you were at home.

Everything we reqested for anything they do the impossible to give it to us.

Dieter is the the friendliest person we have ever met,  the aunt Jo's food is spectacular.

Ron & Lexis we have no words to describe the amazing service you brought to us.

We have to say that we were so lucky  to find such a place  like this.  We were expecting to have just a relaxing, peaceful and quiet vacation and we ended up having one of our best trips ever.

We are so  grateful for the hospitality.  You have a wonderful and beautiful place that we will definitely recommend to everyone.  Of course we will come back again.

God bless you all!!

Rosa and Cesar

BTW, Rosa is in love with the monkey😊

Monday, September 4, 2017

Long weekend holiday - Vince & Maree

It is indeed one of the best 3 days long vacation, in our life.

I decided to come here where I remembered my officemates who had team building here and I wasnt able to come with them.  I heard from them how beautiful the place is.

I came here with my gf, Maree.  As I stepped in I was suprised with the place, the clear water which you can see from the boat the hard corals at the bottom of the sea.  And we enjoyed the peacefulness of the place.  After some activities we tried snorkelling, had the food and took rest, fall asleep, and slept for long hours as its so quiet.

We really enjoyed snorkeling saw a lot of different fishes that swam around us, and the beautiful corals.

On our third day we tried trekking to Mt. Dagit dagit.  The rain had stopped, and it was slippery, muddy and wet but we were able to reach the peak.  Along the way we were able to pick up some fruits and brought some fruits with us.

This is a perfect place if you want to relax and enjoy the marine life and laugh with the staff who accommodated us very well.

I hope we can come here again in the future.

Vince and Maree

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

AU and Belle' s Visit to our resort.

Belle wrote:
Extra ordinary resort.  Isla Verde Tropical Friendly Resort should be included in your bucket list.  Nay Jo's accommodation is superb.  We really enjoyed our mini vacation.

If you  need to escape from never ending stress in the city, enjoy the tranquil water of Isla Verde and be accompanied by the friendly and most accommodating guide that will show to you the breathtaking views Isla Verde can offer.

Ayun na nga.  Experience?  I thought this place was just an ordinary resort.  But as soon as I stepped on this island,  I felt different na.  Its like you're still at home as Nay Jo treated us as not just as guests but like their family.  Food was superb.  Sobrang sarap!  I can say that she cooked with TLC.  Super busog to the max.  Plus the fact we were with our friends / officemates makes the experience more fun.  First time to do snorkelling.  Oh, first I was afraid because I don't know how to swim.  But since Nay Jo let us use their gear, I saw the hidden treasures of Isla Verde have.  Awesome coral reefs!  We enjoyed kayaking too, and able to reach Maliit na nalayag and had the fun of rock climbing.

The bonfire at night is so romantic for us.  Will definitely return to this island.